Agricultural Growth: Speed, Skill and Stability a Must

Posted by - September 13, 2019

Dr B K Mukhopadhyay Let us begin with positive news: around one-third of the world’s farms have adopted more environmentally friendly practices while continuing to be productive, according to a very recent global assessment by 17 scientists in five countries. For arriving at the result he researchers analyzed various practices, including organic farming, that use

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Big or Small Countering Risks Is the Task for All

Posted by - August 5, 2019

Dr  B K Mukhopadhyay Facing the Reality Every Time In fact the global business environment today has become more complicated – so also global financial markets – much more uncertain than ever before. The global financial uncertainties were not entirely unanticipated, but, yes, the intensity was not predicted nor was the duration expected and the

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Sonam Choden Bhutia: An Entrepreneur and a Chocolatier

Posted by - July 9, 2019

NeW Bureau As a young enterprising entrepreneur and a chocolatier from Gangtok, Sikkim, Sonam Choden Bhutia is making a dream through her passion and conviction. An adventurist who also loves travelling and meeting new people from different cultures and sharing ideas because “it teaches you a lot and I believe that there is no end

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Indian Tea Exports Touch Record High in 2017 

Posted by - April 20, 2018

Indian tea exports touched a record high in 36 years at 240.68 million kgs in the year 2017. The previous high of 241.3 million kgs was achieved in the year 1981.  Indian teas were exported at an average price of more than three dollar per kg ,in 2017, to 12 countries : Country 2017* Qty          

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No Soft Options for Debt-ridden Chinese economy

Posted by - April 19, 2018

Malladi Rama Rao The Year 2018 is the Year of the Dog, according to Chinese Zodiac; it has brought for the Chinese a host of superstitions that will have a bearing on how the coming days unfold. For instance, bad luck will haunt a Chinese throughout the year if he or she cleaned clothes, used

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Self reliance in food – Green and White revolution With special reference to North East India

Posted by - September 4, 2017

Dr. Prarthana Rajkumari This is an era of ‘Partivartan’ – time for some revolutionary changes! Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started campaigning for a multicolour revolution referring to a second green revolution with protein-rich pulses, a white revolution with cattle and livestock, a saffron ‘energy’ revolution with solar energy, and a blue revolution

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Achieving Durable Inflation

Posted by - July 1, 2017

One of the major objectives of Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India is achieving durable inflation. Inflation in India had reached 10-11 percent in 2008 and remained elevated for several years. Over the past 3 years, inflation has come down from 9.4 percent in 2013 to 5.9 percent in 2014 to 4.9

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Knowledge-Economy set to sharpen its Skills’ set

Posted by - May 31, 2017

India today is in the sweet spot of relishing its demographic dividends with the large swathe of its youthful populace getting ready to reshape the contours of its services-oriented economy.  For this to happen without any huge hitch, a modern, vibrant and competitive workforce is a pre-requisite for ensuring productivity of its human factor endowment

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The Fastest Growing Major Global Economy in the World

Posted by - April 4, 2017

India remains one of the fastest growing emerging market economies driven by key structural reforms, normal monsoon and reduced external vulnerabilities. The Q3 GDP estimates of 7 percent growth indicate that the key domestic risk of demonetization has not undermined the growth momentum and growth prospects for 2017-18 remain bright. The article seeks to examine the

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