Joseph: Hard Work Takes Us to Any Extend Than We Could Ever Imagine

Society is changing in regard to what “beauty” really means. The hair and beauty industry is continuously evolving with constant changes in fashion and the development of breakthrough products, groundbreaking techniques and highly sophisticated technology. On the hair salon side, the most sought-after service is, of course, haircutting and styling. Hairdressing is a dynamic career choice and can be a lifelong career and lifestyle choice. It is a universally recognised career pathway across the majority of the world.

Hairdressing is a career that is part of the beauty industry. It deals mainly with making people attractive by giving them beautifully styled hairdos. In the past, the hairdressing industry focused its services on females, with male clients opting for haircutting, beard cutting and a range of design and shaving services. However, recently males have also become increasingly active consumers of an expansive range of skin and hair care products and services. Hairdressing is a rewarding career choice that once made, is seldom regretted. All successful hairdressers possess a mix of academic competence; creativity and an outgoing personality

NeW had the immense pleasure of speaking with the well-known hairstylist who is known for his trendsetting vision and extraordinary skill. He is none other than Joseph Hauzel, the most prominent hairstylists in Mizoram. What we learned from him is that we should follow our heart and work hard because hard work takes us to any extend than we could ever imagine.

Something about yourself
I am a workaholic and dedicated person. Some of my friends said I’m the perfectionist as well. Mostly I work 9 – 10 hours a day, still I could managed to hit the gym 4 times a week. Since I firmly believed that hard work is the main factor for success, I dedicated all my energy (physical & mind) to make it happen. I call myself a good student and I am always ready to learn new techniques as long as it is related to my profession.

Salon established on?
My first Salon was established in 2011 at Millennium Centre, Aizawl. My Second branch was established in 2016 at Zarkawt, Aizawl. I am currently based in my Second Branch at Joseph’s Parlour, Zarkawt, Aizawl.




Did your training or Course at?
(i) I did my first basic training from a reputed salon “Mapuii Samsiamna”, Aizawl.
(ii) Following that, I got additional formal training from Wella Company in Guwahati.
(iii) I also completed Master Class Contemporary classic-1 at Toni & Guy, Mumbai.
(iv) I attended a short term training course on Advanced Pixelated Colour Techniques from Guangzhou Shangyi Vocational Training School, China.

I’m always ready to learn more as my profession insisted. Despite my heavy work load every day, I am trying to pursue for further studies/course from Singapore or UK.

Any tips for healthy hair care and product you would suggest?
· Food like vegetables and protein assist hair growth & antioxidant food makes scalp healthy.
· Don’t wash too often.
· Consult expert before color your hair as your hair should be fit for receiving ammonia (chemical).
· Avoid Brushing Wet Hair
Product to be used:
· Wella (of any kind)

Say on advantages of salon treatment?
Treatment at salon is safe & accurate as Salon has expertise for systematic treatment with complete tools & equipments. Also Salon is well-versed with products, their uses and side effects. As such you get the best treatment at Salon.
Kind of hairstyle trending in Mizoram
At present “Short Bob” cutting is pretty much trending as its way easier to maintain and care.

Hair color that best suits during summer according to you?
My selection of hair color depends on the person, considering the skin tone, face cut, lifestyle, and age. Moreover, some of the trending colours these days are-
Rose Gold, Matt Blonde with Highlights, Sandy Blonde with a touch of Lavender, Midnight Blue and Pastel Violet Ash
Silver Grey Highlights, Chestnut Brown and Platinum Blonde.

Your opinion about beauty
Beauty comes from within always. Apart from that good skin and beautiful hair attributed.

Your message to the Youths of Northeast
Follow your heart but work hard on that. I’m pretty sure that Youths from North-East have potential to reach their dreams. The main drawbacks are lack of focus, determination and hard work. We should also remember that failure determined success.

any querries, you can hit me at-
Email :
Instagram : josephhauzel
Facebook : josephhauzel
Contact : 8731012899 / 0389-2346563


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