Assam Harishpur tea garden shines in Swachhta mission

Avik Chakraborty

The historic tea garden of Harishpur situated near Naharkatia of Dibrugarh district has completed its 100 glorious years. Swachhta mission together with the whole country has touched this tea garden too.
Family Development Scheme under Bharat Bikash Yojana Project had launched Swachh Bharat Mission in the tea garden for about two years ago and since then the dwellers of the tea garden are working for the program with their full heart and soul.
It is remarkable to see that everyone there has welcomed the cleanliness program with open hands and are associated with the program unconditionally. With the introduction of such a grim project by Director Saibal Ganguly, Convenor of Assam of Gram Vikas Yojana under Bharat Vikas Parishad and owner of the teagarden Suparna Bagchi, every worker became aware of the importance of cleanliness of their surroundings.
A function was held on April 21, 2019 at the auditorium of the tea garden. As a Chief Guest in the function Dr. Sashikanta Saikia, Principal of DHSK College and Assam Brand Ambassador of Swachh Bharat Mission (Namaste), thanked the administration of the tea garden along with the workers of the tea garden for their remarkable efforts to make the cleanliness program a success on their part.
“I was mesmerized to see the clean and peaceful environment of the tea garden and said that with a strong willpower anyone can achieve the impossible and such is an example of the unending and much appreciated works of everyone in the tea garden,” Saikia said.
He further added that they have set an example in front of the whole world by bringing cleanliness, hygiene and safety to the place and requested them to continue their effortless deed and encourage every individual in the society and work to attract tourism in the place.
He hoped that every tea garden in the country will be inspired and they too try to bring in the same awareness as Harishpur Tea garden.
The Convenor of Swachh Bharat Mission (Namaste) of Dibrugarh district and Professor of MDKG College Dipankar Sarma was also present in the meeting.
He said that Swachhta revolutions are going on unconditionally throughout the country and under Swachh Bharat Namaste program such works are going on in Assam too.
He very much appreciated the great efforts of the workers in the Harishpur tea garden.
The meeting was also attended by Deepak Changmai, State Assistant Secretary of Bharat Vikas Parishad and Retired Deputy Controller of Civil Defence Department, appreciated the steps taken by the administration of the tea garden and that such steps has brought much glory to the tea garden and hoped that every tea garden should learn from it and start working immediately in their respective places.
After that with the help the Director S. Ganguly, Brand Ambassador Dr. Sashikanta Saikia, Convenor Dipankar Sarma, Deepak Changmai and Ronit Dey visited the houses of Libiyah Nag, Suna Kumar, Diganta Kerketa, Biren Doimari, Shankar Garh, Arup Changa and many more and to know about Swachhta standards.

Many of the workers explained why cleanliness and hygiene is essential for proper livelihoods to the group. It was spectacular to see how the family members of the workers were waiting to felicitate the group of dignitaries with the traditional Gamusa. Under Brand Ambassador Dr. Sashi Kanta Saikia’s leadership a Nahar sapling was planted in every household to protect the environment. Every guest was gifted with a headgear made from jute, traditional Gamusa and many handmade goods.

“A special mention must be made about the efforts of the administration to encourage handmade art and the trainings provided accordingly not only to the people there but also to the people of nearby villages. In the meeting worker Tikheswar Gogoi talked about how cleanliness and hygeinity is maintained in the tea garden. Many spoke that how with the help of the administration of the tea garden this Swachhta mission was possible,” Saikia added.
Harishpur tea garden has attracted many tourists attention and they are working to provide all kinds of hospitality to every tourists. In the end of the meeting every worker was gifted with a fruit plant by the administration.

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