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Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Nie who is also the top-5 finalist of Miss Universe 2018 held at Bangkok Thailand, her placement as top-5 in the said competition is the highest in the history from a Vietnamese representative.

H’Hen Nie Hailing from an ethnic minority group in Vietnam that make up approximately 5 per cent of the population, Nie – who finished in the top five of the Miss Universe 2018 competition on Dec 17 – is the first ethnic minority to win the title of Miss Vietnam. Nie’s parents had asked her to find a husband and get married according to tradition when she turned 14. But the ambitious young woman refused and instead, moved to Ho Chi Minh City. To fund her education, she even worked as a nanny and domestic helper at one point. Her humble background is probably where she got her well-loved down-to-earth personality from. Nie also won hearts when broke beauty standards with her tanned skin and pixie haircut. In the final stages of the pageant, she even strayed from the norm of long gowns and short dresses, and rocked a pair of pants.

After the pageant, the beauty queen donated her US$10,000 prize money to less-privileged children to help them with education costs.

According to a post on the official Instagram page of Miss Universe Vietnam, H’hen will be donating her entire Miss Universe earnings, which amount to 1 billion VND (approx US$43,000) to support her cause. “She wants to complete her promise with her village to provide scholarships for poor students and complete her social project Room to Read.”

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