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So far fifteen years old Deso Barman from Assam is considered to be the youngest YouTuber in Northeast India. He started his YouTube channel and uploaded his first video on 25th May, 2017 when he was just fourteen. Up till now he has made 80+ impacting and fun loving videos over almost 1700+ subscriber and 85,500+ views on his channel “Deso’s Life”.
When Deso got the chance to be one of the official delegates in 19th international children film festival that was held in the month of November 2017 in Hyderabad, Telangana, he had immense opportunity to learn many things like acting, cinematography, animations, filming, editing and many more. According to Deso, age does not really matter, but education and awareness is very important for each human being. He wishes to make people aware that video sharing app can change a person’s life. Through his channel, he has a desire to battle crisis against social issues, bring empathy and tolerance and has a huge confidence and determination to help create the world a better place to live. He wants to bring change by using my voice and creativity to stop racism in the mainland against northeast citizens.
In the past months, Deso have worked on various campaign and initiative through social media world and his YouTube channel like raising his voice against the dirty rape culture and supported many campaigns for the betterment of cancer patient, LGBT rights, keeping environment clean and many more.

What motivated you to become a YouTuber? Was it by chance or by design?
“I” myself motivated my own self to become a YouTuber because I believe that it is only in our mind that if we can or we can’t. It doesn’t matter if someone is supporting you or not until and unless you are not mentally prepared. For me becoming a YouTuber was by chance! When I started making YouTube videos, I wasn’t very serious and I never imagined myself to see at this position. I just want to learn many things everyday in my life and that’s how I entered in this world of “YouTube”.

8YouTubing for you is just a pastime or you have taken it up as a full-time activity?
In the beginning I was just exploring this world of YouTube and I found it pretty attractive and later I found myself involving more seriuosly. For me YouTube is a full time activity and my parents are also very supportive to let me study in a distance education system for my senior secondary education so that I can learn and explore new things. I love making YouTube videos and most importantly delivering the message of keep going and we should be blessed and grateful because no matter what kind of situation we are in, we have the ability to change our life because we are the author of our life, if we get stuck in one chapter subsequently we can start another.

Have you encountered any obstacles in?
During my whole school days I was bullied and teased directly or indirectly in a lot of circumstances. I received a lot of negative and hate comments, at least twice in a week for sure on my YouTube videos because some people don’t like the way I talk, look, about my personality, etc but I always stand proud and look into the brighter and positive side because to shut this people’s mouth, your positivity is very important. Sometimes I feel low when people say why I don’t act “MANLY”? Or why I act so “GIRLY”? Judging people on internet world is so “easy-peasy” but we should always keep in our mind that we should never judge anyone for his/her behaviour, personality, attitude, and whatever it is because we don’t know that from what the opposite person we are judging is facing or suffering from. Let us mind in our own business but not being judgemental. If someone is judging us today it means he/she is judging his/her own self because they’re giving their own self definition of how small their thinking can be. Therefore, I want to stand against every appalling social issues which we youth of 21st century are facing and I want to fight against discrimination, homophobia & racism against the northeastern people in mainland India.

We understand your pain and we are very sorry about your past and present experiences. Anyway our NeW fraternity is by your side and will always remain in supportive of you. Next question is, how can someone become a professional YouTuber? What are the skills and talents demanded by this activity?
To become a professional YouTuber, you don’t need any professional camera or set ups! It is only your mind which should act like a professional. Your content must be valuable because on YouTube, everyday thousands of creators post videos on their channel and why people should watch your videos only?! Just think about it. Your videos must be different, real and loved by your own. To be very honest, I don’t think I am that skilled or talented! But for me as an individual, hard work is all equal to every talents and skills!

What are your advices to aspiring YouTubers?
I only want to share this very important thing of my own that I learned during my journey is that you can be egoistic in the field of YouTube. Do not compare yourself with others with the amount of views, video quality, subscribers, fans, etc. If hundred people have subscribed your channel then it is a great thing. Stay with the people who appreciate and love you. Be blessed and sometimes it’s okay to be slow while everyone is rushing. The more you go faster, you may fall at the same speed level.
Some tips on having a dedicated YouTube channel.

Here is the only secret to have a dedicated YouTube channel and I am exclusively sharing on this special Questions and Answers session with the team of The Northeast Window! You should know the importance and meaning of Quality v/s Quantity. If you can work on these two things then YouTube is all yours. If you start getting Haters it means you are doing something good. Therefore, we should never give up our dreams and goals.

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