Problems of the Youth Today


The issues facing youths in the twenty-first century are far much different from issues of youths in the twentieth century. The youth of today is considered to be much superior. They do not consider themselves to be too young to be spoiled, and they are not supposed to be old enough to take responsibility on their own shoulders.

Young people in the twenty-first century know more and have access to vastly greater quantities of information than ever before. They have lots more information at their finger tips than those teaching them. This means they are less likely to accept authoritative answers.

In this new Millennium society has begun to recognize serious concerns with issues that youths have to deal with today. The dangerous phenomena that characterise are numerous. Problems which the young are facing today are very different from the problems that were pressing down the young of the past. Obviously they live in different times, conditions and different youth. Today’s youth are less concerned with politics; they are vulnerable to be used in anti-social activities. Globalization, drugs, overpopulation, abortion, gay rights, poverty, disease, war and terrorism, global warming, power in international relations, increasing popularity of digital formats for entertainment media such as movies and music and the advancement of technology are the major issues that characterise this youth of today.

Problems the youth has today are very different. Youth especially from elite and privileged family are more outgoing, more extravagant in their desires leading a luxurious lifestyle and know less of the benefits of hard work excluding fitness. Some youth spend majority of their time each day online. Online world have a lot of positive things to offer, however spending lot of time online, whether it is on a smart phone, an Internet-connected gaming system or a computer, they miss the vital opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills and build strong relationships. There is also the darker side of the Internet to consider like cyber bullies, sexual predators, pornography etc.

In our society there are many young people who cannot even afford to get proper education. Costly higher education in the private institutes and lack of basic amenities in the government or the government aided educational groups has proven to be a big headache for the youth. Sometimes, racism, discrimination against people of opposite gender, caste, creed or religion makes them a victim of emotional disorder. Many are without hope, discouraged and depressed to the point where they are suicidal. They look at the world around them, and they see no hope for the future. There is unrest and war throughout the world.

Unemployment is a real problem among the youths. Lack of employment opportunities has been a challenges faced by youth today. When the youths come out of schools and colleges, there is no guarantee for a job or career. They seem to have no goal to work to in life, many turn to drinking, gambling, substance abuse, partying, prostitution and other ungodly acts. In many parts of the world, young people are still suffering from hunger, lack of access to education, health services and job opportunities, and are exposed to insecurity and violence.

Another main problem is the communication gap between youth and the elders. The youth believing themselves to be old enough for taking their own decisions for matters personal or social while the elders just refuse to hand over this responsibility to them. This leads to personality trait rising high more often. Living in an enviroment where they live very well and completely enjoying the comfort which parents have provided can steal motivation and leads into laziness. The most common problem a youth faces at this phase of life is peer pressure. Many hesitate in taking their parents’ advice in different matters, particularly in issues which according to them are very modest and thus they land up in taking up the wrong decision. The drugs, alcohol and weeds are taken as an easy escape from failure, success or broken and the struggles related to it. But the real standpoint is that youths are the pillars of social, economic and political developments. We as a society should value the imagination, ideals and energies of young men and women, which are also the future stakeholders of these societies.

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