Mr. & Miss Fame: An Event for a Cause


There is a strong negative correlation between the wealth of the State and its level of corruption, and that this corruption which often harms the poorest in a society. Most of the time, corruption is like parasites that feed off society and benefit only few. Furthermore, as corruption becomes more prevalent, ethical people lose faith in the system and are exhausted of their drive to work honestly. It is certainly true that poor people in the State are going through tough times. Nagaland’s economic despair and the lack of decent job opportunities is a commentary on the difficulties of everyday life. It is also an allusion to the promises of development, albeit in a manner that is simultaneously a criticism of development’s failures.

However leaving aside corruption, if we add in personal contributions to charities (i.e. aid that doesn’t come through the government or any other funding agencies), we should in every hundred be given to poorer section. If you give one rupee in every hundred rupees you earned to help people less fortunate than you, who would call you generous? Unfortunately many people in the State do not have that attitude.

Orphans often need basic survival provisions, medication, food, clothing, blankets, housing and protection from dangers and abuse in addition to a new loving parents.  Many children are orphaned often due to extreme poverty, political strife, abuse and regional disasters. Fundraising is the livelihood of orphans in need, without it fundraisers wouldn’t be able to continue delivering support to so many children around.

Fundraising takes extraordinary people who want to do something, not just talk about it, to make it a success. Whether you work in a school, offices, an Entrepreneur, a business person, are involved in church activities, or belong to any other community group why not think about raising money for the orphan children and the poor? Whatever the reasons for fundraising, inspiration comes in many different forms. It does so regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender or social origin. Big or small, chic or casual, it doesn’t really matter what your event looks like – as long as you’re keeping things simple and enjoyable. The idea of fundraiser campaigns is to raise money for an awesome cause, so having a variety of ways to raise money at the event is essential. A good way to start is by looking at the cause and having a brainstorming session around it.

Today, the challenges faced by youth include health, education and skill enhancement. If empowered, they have the potential to excel. And the challenges have been proven some young aptitude of Nagaland.  The first edition of ‘Mr, & Miss Fame’ pageant was organised by a group of youth called Fashion Trendsetters in aid of Sharon Orphanage Home in Dimapur, in a small, simple and casual way. Four designers displayed their designs in different categories i.e. traditional, casual and formal. There were several well wishers who were present in the event and among them renowned Manipuri actress Sophia Sapam was the special guest while producer of Manipuri film industry Dr. S. Kumar was the guest of honour.

According to Thritong Sangtam (Director) Fashion Trendsetters, in the subsequent seasons of the show, which would be an annual event, would include other orphanages and also contribute to the development of the less privileged from various parts of the State that need public support. Therefore if one is  passionate about a cause it will shine through in all their charity’s activities!

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