The Fitness Boom!

Tanya Brooks

Look around you, everywhere that you see; you will catch sight of something related to Fitness these days. It can be your Facebook Timeline or your Instagram page or even your neighbourhood nook, fitness is the latest hook. And why not? Being fit is being fab, ain’t it? But what worries me is how many people actually know what is fitness and how important it is? And even more so about the trend of “Fitness for a healthy living or just for society showing”. Maybe the latter can be touched in the next issue, but for this time let’s seek answers for my first question.


Franco Parkka, Mr. Malestorm 2013, a model by profession and a fitness enthusiast who at present is a mentor for Malestorm 2017 is quite the ideal for many around with his toned and perfectly sculpted body and chiselled good looks. A conversation with this man definitely gave me a whole lot of insight as it came directly from the “horse’s mouth”, you see!


Fitness being so important…

                Fitness should not be an alienated term and should rather be a part of our daily lives. It should come to us as eating, sleeping, and breathing. Fitness is just not about our body and the exterior presence but also it is also about our inner wellness. Fitness does help in keeping our body fit but it also helps in our happiness and all round well being. It’s also a proven fact that fitness is the best antidepressant. So yes, fitness is extremely important.


Lifestyle hassles, work pressure, busy schedules makes it impossible to hit the gym at times. A solution…

Gym is not always the solution. These days we need to make the most of the time we have in hand as our lives are extremely busy and the pressure is always on. If the gym is not always a suitable option, our homes can turn out to be the best places to work out. Tabata is a good work out regime that can be done at home, zumba is another. All that is needed are a few CDs or downloaded videos and you are good to go. If you are more of a outside loving person, running at any point of the day is great and now even cycling is the fittest trend on the block.


Diet and fitness…

                Well, yes diet is very important when it comes to fitness but that doesn’t mean starving oneself. A diet should be a smart one wherein healthy fats, carbohydrates, protein and fibre is included. A full and happy tummy, leads to a healthy and happy body. And also always remember that your appearance is exactly what you eat. So eat what you would want to show.



I hope all my readers have found something inspiring and all that I can end with is that let the “Fitness Boom”!

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