Jonathan Burner: The 21 year old CEO who’s soaring above the status-quo

Jonathan Burner started off at 18 as an entrepreneur and it was a challenge but positively- a boost start.  The 21 year old today, who was also known as the youngest CEO from Sikkim was born in December 4th, 1996 in Gangtok, Sikkim, and studied in the Tashi Namgyal Academy.

       In the interview with the Northeast Window, Jon says, “To be honest, I wanted to become a musician, a writer and a businessman. My dad inspired me to work for oneself and become a businessman. He taught me everything he knew about entrepreneurship and life. My aspiration, as a kid, was to become a creative person and a businessman”. One cannot go without noticing all the wisdom that this lad has gained throughout his years. His story will inspire anyone to create and not just seek. Read on for our interview with Jonathan…


How did Priority Promotions come about?

-Priority Promotions is a creative house where we harbour creative minds to brainstorm, formulate ideas and strategise to create promotional and branding materials for various companies in and around Sikkim. Back in 2015, when trying to promote a launch of an app in Gangtok, I realised that time, simple hoarding is never enough to create the bond between a customer and the company. Priority Promotions started because I love companies that interact with their customers. I make sure all of my clients have a proper contact with their customers via Social Media or via email, etc. This is done by Priority and this helps companies gain a better presence in their market by proper promotion and effective branding.


Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

-Yes, without a second thought. Since the day my father implanted in me the thrill of taking risks in life and the joy of being rewarded for the same, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He always reminded me that I was not born to be an employee. As for me, I never believed in 9-to-5 jobs. Entrepreneurship is my true calling in life.


Were there any challenges that came your way when you started out?

-As soon as my ISC Boards got over in 2015, I started working. I was eighteen. My age was an advantage as I was getting a boost-start. But it was also a disadvantage as people were not ready to take me seriously. The hardest challenge for me was to first believe in myself and never quit. Not everything made sense. Not everyone supported. As a beginner, even I made many mistakes. But now I see that consistency is the key to success.


What do you love most about your job?

-I have adored creativity all my life. Priority Promotions is a hub for creative people to interact and create something new and exciting everyday. I love my job because it challenges me and my team to be creative and to give our best. The effort demanded in creating something unique and different everyday can be tiresome at times but it’s all smiles and joy when the final product is ready.


What were some of the biggest lessons that has impacted you and your work as well?

-“If we look around and observe, everything that we see is made by a human being no smarter than us.” -Late Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple.

This has made the biggest impact in my life and my work. I have been an Apple Fan and believe Steve Jobs to be the greatest entrepreneur of our century. His rhythm of perfection and simplicity fascinates and inspires me daily.

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